Monday, August 20, 2007

Readers Pick Hiring Iavaroni As Top OffSeason Move

Fans who voted in this blog's poll, chose hiring Iavaroni as the Grizzlies' best offseason move.

Hiring Iavaroni beat Signing Darko by 4 votes and Drafting Conley by 5 votes.

Releasing Atkins, Roberts, and Johnson received 5 votes total and Hiring Wallace had no votes.

I personally chose Drafting Conley because I think he has the chance to be a star. He could be the Grizzlies' point guard in ten years, while no coach has lasted longer than 2 years. Still, I think Hiring Iavaroni is a close second.

I found it surprising that readers think Darko has more potential than Conley. Even more surprising is the fact that Hiring Wallace received no votes. He's seemingly played a significant part in both drafting Conley, and negotiating with players and teams to complete this summer's deals. In my eyes, he at least deserves some votes for going after and getting reasonably priced, young players with big upsides.

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ChipC3 said...

I used to believe that hiring Iavaroni was the most important move but I am having second thoughts after meeting Chris Wallace. Wallace seems to be very open. He plans on interacting with the community more and that is very needed.

Of course it won't matter how much Chris Wallace pushes the flesh if the team remains at the bottom of the league in wins.