Saturday, December 13, 2008

Grizzly Streak to 9-15

Sorry it's taken so long to update David Loves the Grizzlies. I know you've been missing my in depth analysis. It's been a busy couple of weeks for both me and the Grizzlies, so I'll try to touch on all the latest.

Grizzlies win 4 straight and 5 of their last 6.
It's a lot of fun to watch the Grizzlies playing well. The offense is starting to look cohesive at time, Conley is showing some promise finishing under the basket, shooting threes, and distributing the ball, and even Darko is playing basketball at both end of the court consistently.
Next, I'd like to see the Grizzlies play this well against a team that's significantly better. The upcoming Lakers and Hornets games are two good opportunities.
I commend Heisley and Wallace for weathering the storm. The could have easily made a quick trade or fired Iavaroni, but they chose to wait and see. It's paying off for now.
During the recent stretch, I put David Loves The Grizzlies hard-earned money on the line while visiting Vegas for the weekend. The Grizzlies covered for the Clippers game and did not cover for the Hornets game despite a 14 point spread.
Grizzlies Trade Javaris Crittendon for the First Round Draft Pick They Traded Away a Year Ago for Juan Carlos Navarro. 
Grizzlies Sign Darius Miles.

I like this deal. At best, Miles is an athletic player that can contribute at a several positions. At worst, the Grizzlies just gain a bargaining chip over the Blazers. Playing Miles for 10 games will hurt the Blazers bottom line and their ability to compete with the Grizzlies in the free agent market. 

My only concern with the deal is that Miles is reportedly replacing Antroine Walker who will be bought out. This concerns me because Walker doesn't play. Whose minutes is Miles going to take? The only possiblities I can think of are Hakim Warrick and Quinten Ross. Do we really expect Miles will serve as an upgrade over those players?
I have a new favorite Memphis Grizzly.
Weeks ago, I called for the Grizzlies to waive Darko Milicic. I humbly ask for Darko's forgiveness. Darko has quietly picked up his mediocre play to a serviceable level. He's catching more (but not all) passes in the paint, he finishing more often, and he's getting dunked on less frequently. 

All that's great, but what I really like is Darko's recent tendency to spar with opponents and pick up technical fouls. Today against Miami, former All Star Jamaal Magloire was ejected for headbutting Milicic after being separated from the Serbian on the previous posession during a heated staredown. 

Even better, against the Rockets last week, Darko ripped his jersey in half a la Hulk Hogan. It was one of my favorite moments in Grizzlies history.