Sunday, October 07, 2007

How Long Will Damon Stoudemire Last?

If you were a sometime All Star who had played in the Western Conference Finals, would you want to spend the twilight of your career training your replacements while losing sixty percent of your games?

You'd probably rather play on a contender at that point. However, the Grizzlies shouldn't trade Stoudemire solely as a favor to him.

The Grizzlies should also do it for selfish reasons. Even if he's 100% healthy, at 34 years old, I'm assuming Stoudemire can't be good for more than a handful of wins. (I hope he proves me wrong.) Those wins - for a team that has no chance of winning a playoff series - aren't worth the cost in Conley's and Lowry's playing time that keeping Stoudemire create.

Stoudemire does add value both on and off the court as a leader. Undoubtedly, he can still perform well enough to make solid contributions and teach the young guard some valuable lessons. However, Conley and Lowry would probably learn more from the extra playing time, and a draft pick would be more valuable to the Grizzlies at this point in their development.

That's why the Grizzlies should trade Stoudemire to a team in Texas for a first round draft pick.


John said...

I am guessing this topic comes as a solution to the debate from the previous topic. this way both young guys get minutes and we get something for damon. I also like your touchy-feely angle of giving an old vet one more shot at a ring. The question i wonder is can we pull the trigger right now, is there any interest in Texas? Or is there a better chance he has a good first 20 games starting, people see how he can help out and then we trade him after conley has gotten his feet wet? Can we trade stromile for Dorsey and a Coach Cal Steak ball? It seems like a fair trade.

David Jones said...

I actually wrote this before the debate in the previous thread, but my mind was not changed after the thread.

I think trading Stoudemire makes more sense than trading either Lowry or Conley.

You may be right that we should wait until he's played a few games.

I don't know about interest, but there are certainly teams that could use a solid veteran point guard.

John said...

prediction for tonights game? I think we win by 12-18 points.

David Jones said...

I should've known to predict that the Grizzlies would lose.

I can't believe they were out-rebounded by 20.

John said...

What you thought Darko and Stromile were going to actually fight for rebounds?

Softball said...

I saw something today that last week we signed Mark Price to be our shooting coach. Thoughts?

By the way, I do agree with your thoughts on trading Stoudemire assuming we wait until he has some games under his belt. I know, I know, that sounds hypocritical in light of my recent postings. However, I do think Stoudemire's value is much stronger to a contending team than someone like Lowry. And, the fact that he will have a few games to prove himself is probably helpful to both the Grizz and the team we trade with. Bottom line: If we're gonna trade Lowry, do it now. If we're gonna trade stoudemire, let's wait.

You know, I bet Cleveland will be willing to make some moves considering their lack of depth especially at the PG. It's not like Boobie Gibson is going to play the entire year like he played in the playoffs. What do you think, Stro and Damon for Lebron seem fair? (wouldn't that be nice...!)

David Jones said...

You're giving away Swift for too little. He's got so much potential.

As for Mark Price, given Tuesday's free throw percentage, he's got a lot of work to do...

Justin said...

There are some pretty good videos of the Grizzlies in Spain on YouTube. Brian Cardinal is surprisingly a pretty funny guy