Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Trade Pau?!?!?!

After 18 games, Pau Gasol is putting up the worst numbers of his career. There have been rumors that he Grizzlies might shop him for someone who better fits Iavaroni's new system. A writer from Chicago fantasized that the Grizzlies Chicago might reopen discussion with Memphis.

He even suggested that the Bulls might get Gasol for the bargain price of Andres Nocioni and Tyrus Thomas.

However, the Grizzlies can't trade Gasol for one important reason: La Bomba.

The Grizzlies need to keep Gasol to send Juan Carlos Navarro a message that they're committed to his future. Navarro is on his way to the All-Rookie First Team, and is one of the top three point threats in the league. He's also on a one year contract. The Grizzlies can't afford to let him walk next year for nothing.

Also, despite Gasol's numbers I still think he's not easily replaceable. The Grizzlies looked lost as soon as Gasol was removed from the game against Houston for Andre Brown, and he managed to match the best center in the league, Yao Ming, in productivity.

Gasol will never be the defensive presence that the Grizzlies need in the middle, but he has re-dedicated himself to winning with the Grizzlies, so I'm willing to give him and the Grizzlies more than 18 games to pull it together.


John said...

Amen brother. We can't give up on him this early in the season. he is on his 3rd coach in the last 100 games (less if you factor in the injury) with 3 very different coaching styles. You have to give those kind of things time. Yes a lot of people picked us to be a dark horse for a run at 40-45 wins and close to a playoff berth, but we are a pretty young team with a lot of new parts. All we need now is patience.

Justin said...

I'm starting to question the Darko signing, namely because he isnt that much better of a post defender than is Pau. the recap of the Pistons game really highlights the defensive problems the Grizz have generally. Its really embarrassing to watch.