Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Fallout, Part 1

Here are some what ifs to make you feel worse:

  • If the Grizzlies had kept Pau Gasol, perhaps they could have traded him to Chicago for the draft pick instead of giving LA the championship. Maybe not, but wouldn't they have a really nice bargaining chip at this point?
  • Minnesota, which beat the Grizzlies in a coin toss, moved up one position, instead of down two like the Grizzlies (when you consider the Grizzlies tied for the third worst record but are drafting 5th).
  • Now that the Grizzlies don't have sure bet, we get to see if this cap room experiment will pay off. Can Wallace build a winner through some incredible drafting, trading, and signing? Can Iavaroni do something with what he's got?

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