Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Let's Get High

ESPN broke a story today about Grizzlies rookie Darrell Arthur (and former teamate Mario Chalmers) being caught with Marijuana in their room at a rookie orientation program.

This may result in a suspension and a lecture from Michael Heisley. Personally, I don't care if Arthur smokes weed. Some of my favorite people smoke weed. As long as it doesn't affect his performance on the court, I'd rather Arthur smoke weed, than participate in more dangerous activities like snowboarding or motorcycling.

In fact, the NBA should only test and punish players for using substances that enhance performance or give an unfair advantage. 

Unfortunately, the NBA does repremand players caught using marjuana. My disappointment with Arthur is that he took the risk given that he knew the consequences of getting caught. If you work hard enough to make it to the NBA, you may as well give up weed for 10 years so you don't screw up your shot. 

Other than being suspended, it's not that big of a deal. After all, Damon Stoudamire was caught carrying marijauna wrapped in tin foil though an airport metal detector. If Arthur proves to be a good player and shows some toughness, then a boneheaded move like this won't mean anything. There are many great players who have been caught doing much worse.

In the meantime, there are some amusing comments from fans over at the Commercial Appeal.

On a completely unrelated note: In an earlier post, I mentioned that John Hollinger is the only good writer at ESPN. The folks at ESPN must be reading my blog because they responded today with one of the worst chats I have ever read

Who is this David Thorpe guy? Does he think it is funny or informative when he answers questions with 'Zzzzzz'? If he doesn't like the question, perhaps he could pick another and provide some actual insight. Or maybe he doesn't have any insight to provide. 

Here's another example of an exchange: 

josh (paris, France): Denver is rebuilding some are saying... Iverson (in his juicy final contract year) could be on the move in the next few months ? 

David Thorpe: I agree. 

I don't get to read these chats often because they are usually exclusive to folks who pay for an ESPN Insider Membership. If the editors at ESPN think I'm going to pay for this crap, they must be smoking weed.


Curt said...

I love how this blog post comes full circle. It's just like reading Geoff Calkins.

David Jones said...

Like Calkins, I have also been known to play the tuba.