Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Milsap Scores 24 as Utah Practices for the Dunk Contest.

I think the Grizzlies read my blog and decided they'd use it as a guide for their performance against Utah. 

Here's a recap of my most recent post with updated thoughts from tonight's embarrassment.

1. Fire Iavaroni

The Grizzlies looked lost on both offense and defense. One of the most telling sequences came after a time out in the 2nd half, when the Grizzlies struggled to run a set, and gave the ball up to a Utah steal that resulted in an uncontested breakaway dunk.

2. 'Starbury' Milicic

The Grizzlies interior defense was a joke. Though it wasn't entirely Milicic's fault, the center was a liability on both ends of the court. He certainly couldn't guard Milsap or Okur. 

I cannot fathom how Ron Tillery or Marc Iavaroni can refer to Milicic as a defensive specialist. 

You've got to be kidding me. An elite defender? Consistent rebounding? Darko played 18 minutes and pulled down 2 rebounds in a game where the Grizzlies were out-rebounded 44-30. 

The only times he wasn't getting dunked on was when he was so far out of position that he wasn't close enough to the basket to be dunked on. 

He wasn't the only player missing his assignment, but to call Milicic an elite anything is ridiculous. 

3. Trade for a shooter and move OJ Mayo to point guard.

Mayo was dominant with the ball in his hands for stretches. Lowry already gives it up to him whenever he's in the game. And both Lowry and Conley struggle to find consistency. Let's at least give Crittenton a look wat 2 with Mayo at the point.

4. The Grizzlies make average players look like All Stars.

Utah didn't need Boozer, and Williams eased his way back from an injury. That's because the Grizzlies were satisfied with perfromances from Paul Milsap and Ronnie Brewer that were among the best performances either has had in his short NBA career.

Not only did they have about 10 combined dunks (Okay I pulled that number out of my ass.), but both also tied season highs in points scored. (By the way, Brewer's previous season high was - you guessed it - 21 points against the Grizzlies.)

Milsap also increased his season high rebound total from 10 to 16. That is a 60% increase for those of you keeping score. 

Happy Thanksgiving from David Loves the Grizzlies.

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