Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trade Conley?!?!

Tonight, Cleveland Guard Delonte West went down with a fractured wrist. It's too early to tell how long he'll be out, but the Cavs now need a point guard.

In the interest of proposing a trade without doing any research to see if the numbers add up, here's my proposal:

Cleveland gets:
Mike Conley Jr.
Memphis gets:

Wally Szczerbiak (enormous expiring contract)
Cash considerations (to pay for above contact)
A future [late] first rounder (that will turn into a player like Conley, but cheaper)
I've studied the Grizzlies' recent moves, and I think this one would be a perfect fit. We could even throw in Darius Miles once we ensure he plays 10 games to sweeten the deal.

Ramon Sessions, who was recently rumored as the flip side of a Conley trade, doesn't have the washed up veteran flair that the Grizzlies usually look for. 

Even more concerning, Sessions seems to be a terrible 3 point shooter. Maybe I'm missing something, but I thought Conley wasn't working because he wasn't a good enough shooter to complement OJ Mayo.

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