Friday, February 27, 2009

Some Good Reading Since The Grizzlies Aren't Worth Watching

There have been some great articles about the NBA recently. First, there was this gem from the New York Times about Shane Battier. 

Then, there's just about anything John Hollinger writes. I especially like this article. Think about what Hollinger says about margin of victory being both a useful measure of how good a team is as well as a predictor of future performance. Then, think about the Grizzlies 9 point loss to Sacramento. Depressed yet? (It's hard to believe Hollinger writes for the same company that produces this.)

I'm also reading this book by Paul Shirley, which is also quite entertaining. My favorite line so far from Shirley describing his experience unsuccessfully audtioning to play for the Hornets: 
Plus, I was fortunate enough to get to see a player— Baron Davis— participate in an NBA practice wearing sweatpants six sizes too big for him and shoes that weren't even close to being tied.
Then, today, I came across this article by the Sports Guy.

Now, I'm a fan of the Sports Guy. He often makes me laugh out loud, and he's insightful. But his latest article really hits home.

Here's a line that made me laugh out loud today:
I'd say the Grizzlies hurled a flaming bag of dog feces at their fans [when they traded Kyle Lowry], but they don't have any fans. 
As a new dog owner and a Grizzlies fan, the metaphor really hit home. (It's not the first time the Sports Guy has failed to acknowledge my existence.) 

The article goes on to explain how badly the NBA is suffering during the recession. Simmons claims the Grizzlies only generate $300,000 per game. I'm not sure if this includes ad, TV or luxury box revenue, but the point is that the Grizzlies are "hemorrhaging money" and therefore cutting costs.

It's important to cut costs during times like these, but you also have to invest when the cost is low.

This is the time for a team like the Grizzlies to invest in the deals that will set them apart from their competition, because this is the only time that the Knicks, Lakers, and Suns of the world won't outbid them. This is the time when Amare Stoudemire has no choice but to suck it up and play for the Grizzlies.

Of course, it won't happen. 

Why not, you ask? Because the Grizzlies are the Grizzlies. They are not the type of team that goes out to make a bold move to set them apart (unless you call trading your best player for peanuts [read: flexibility] "a bold move"). 

In the meantime, we (the Grizzlies fans, who may as well not exist) will keep hoping the Grizzlies win the lotto. 

And we'll hope the #1 choice is Lebron James and not Michael Olowokandi. 

And we'll hope all this happens before Michael Heisley (or whoever) figures out a way to try his luck in another city.


John said...

I assume that the Baron Davis practiec he refers to was during the Paul Silas era? Also I am pretty sure the idea of Baron Davis participating in an NBA practice is a pretty amazing in and of itself. Also can I borrow the book when you are done?

David Jones said...

Yes, I think it was during the Paul Silas years, and yes, you can borrow.