Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spain: Land of Grizzlies

Last week I returned to San Francisco for Spain in time to see the Grizzlies sweep the Golden State Warriors and hear about "John Calipari's march to Kentucky".

While in Spain I searched far and wide for any sign of the Memphis Grizzlies. I didn't find Juan Carlos Navarro, Rickie Rubio, or any billboards featuring Pau or Marc from Madrid to Seville to Granada.

In Cortes Ingles (think Walmart laid out like Macy's), I did find Pau sporting Laker yellow on the cover of NBA Live:

Not quite as prominently displayed, I found something called NBA 08, featuring the leagues top 6 players from 2008: Lebron, Yao, Wade, Garnett, Nash, and La Bomba!

On my last night, I found Marc Gasol's jersey at the bargain price of 60 Euros. Don't worry, I checked to be sure if didn't say "Miller".

I also noticed they have a monument to the Grizzlies in the heart of Madrid. I can only assume that is the "Tree of Financial Flexibility" on whose fruits the bear is feasting.

Though I was sporting Grizzlies Blue, sadly no Spaniards approached me to discuss our shared admiration for really tall men with scruffy beards and mullets.


Antoni Segura Puimedon said...

You'd probably had found more grizzlies related players jerseys in Catalonia, since it is where JC Navarro and the Gasols are from. In Barcelona you could have even attended a FC Barcelona game featuring Navarro, he shot something like 5-8 from downtown.

Curt said...

when are you visiting Iran?