Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Grizzlies Dominate Playoffs

It's great to see Grizzlies like Shane Battier, Kyle Lowry, Pau Gasol, Dantay Jones, Hubie Brown, and Carmelo Anthony in the second round of the playoffs.

11:00: Lowry sinks a jumper after Brown trips and falls. Rockets by five. That trade continues to amaze me: Memphis GM Chris Wallace deciding, "We can either keep Lowry, pick up his option and pay him $5 million combined in 2010 and 2011 when he's worth twice as much, or, we can flip him for a late first-round pick that has a 12 percent chance of being as good of an NBA player as Kyle Lowry already is. Screw it, let's roll the dice!"
Quick question: If the Rockets can make it to the second round with Aaron Brooks, Von Wafer, and Kyle Lowry as their guards, then why can't the Grizzlies make the rotation of OJ Mayo, Mike Conley, and Kyle Lowry work?

That reminds me, I wish Michael Heisley would call Lionel Hollins and ask him not to play Marko Jaric ever again.

Here are my 2nd round predictions after 1 game:
  • Cleveland in 4
  • Celtics in 7
  • Lakers in 6
  • Denver in 6


John said...

I don't think the celtics are going to win this one. Too much PT for Scalibrine (sp?). Also I would say Lakers in 7 with some considerable help from the Donaghys.

David Jones said...

The Celtics have more poise than Orlando.

I'd take Pierce, Rondo, Allen, and the Celtics supporting cast over Howard, Turkoglu, Lewis, and the Magic supporting cast.

Scalibrine is not good, but even when he's in the game, the Celts aren't as dependent on him as Orlando is on inferior players.

I think the Lakers will pull it together against the Rockets, but it's clear to me that Cleveland is the heavy favorite to win it all.

John said...

yeah i am slowly embracing curt's dislike of lebron. There is just too much of him all the time everywhere.

David Jones said...

Maybe your problem is that you watch SportsCenter.

I don't see what there is not to like.

I would love to see him destroy the Lakers.

Reed said...

The nba draft is coming soon? I keep hearing about this kid Reggie Peyton from christian bros doing workouts. Any word on this kid and others were looking at?

John said...

Apparently we are having a stellar workout this week with the like of Mike-D (hope you didn't get rid of your jersey david) and d washington. Who needs draft picks with free agents out there like that.
Lebron better beat Kobe in the finals, you are right, I am therefore taking my hate and placing it squarly on the soft cushy shoulders of Glen Davis who would miss that shots 9 times out of 10.