Thursday, November 17, 2011

The NBA Lockout: Where Amazing Happens

It's time to end the 2012 lockout of DavidLovesTheGrizzlies. I have come to an agreement with myself that I will keep 100% of blog related income which comes to $87.38 over 5 years.

In my first post back after 7 months, I choose not to discuss this awesome lockout in a Wojnarowskian piece condemning owners' tactics, ridiculing the players' tactics, and condemning the lawyers' lawyering.

Nope, I had a productive time off - moving to a new apt, getting married, and buying a new couch - so I thought I'd be productive in my first post back and help the League come up with a new marketing slogan for the 2012-2013 season.

Of course, my efforts quickly spiraled towards bitterness, which turned into sadness, then to anger, and then back to bitterness. But that's life as a Memphis Grizzlies fan!

I dressed up as the NBA Lockout for Halloween!

Anyway, as I was researching ideas, I realized several recent slogans were appropriate and could be reused easily:

Meeting these nice German ladies lifted my spirits. We chatted about what a great year Dirk had.

Since this is a blog, I wanted to come up with my own ideas, so I did what any respected Blogger would do and polled my friends for ideas. Here's what we came up with:

5. The NBA: Where Amnesty Happens

4. The NBA: Can't We All Just Get Back to Hating LeBron?

3. Where Will A Luxury Tax Paying Team Use Its Biannual Exception This Year?

2. The NBA: Cuz You Aren't Really Watching Hockey Right Now, Are You?

1. The NBA: Proving Games Really Don't Matter Until April Year After Year

Honorable Mention goes to my buddy Curt who suggested we reuse the Memphis Grizzlies' 2006-2007 slogan "Tell your kids they're going to Dunkyland."

Remembering that slogan briefly made me forget that we have already missed over 2 weeks of games.

If you've got a better slogan, please add it to the comments below. I love this game!


Bakertime said...

My favorite on your list is about how the NBA only counts starting in April.

I read somewhere that Arenas tweeted that getting locked out at the end of the season was like getting kicked out of a chinese buffet after you'd already eaten.

Lurch said...

I want to know what the hell kind of shoes are you wearing in those pictures? Why not basketball shoes?

David Jones said...

@Bakertime, That's probably why Agent Zero no longer has a Twitter account.

@Lurch, those are bball shoes. They are Tim Duncan's shoes, "The Big Fundamentals". Did you just lose all respect for me?

Lurch said...

Well I have certainly gained respect for Tim Duncan repping basketball shoes that look like MacGregor knock off hiking boots. Can you buy them at walmart like the Olajuwon shoes I once owned?

David Jones said...

I got them at Sports Basement for about $60.

Alecia Longsworth said...

Hehe, it made me laugh when I remembered how LeBron was hated by many. Well, I like the quote about how the NBA only counts starting in April. That's the start of the playoffs, and there will be 30 teams instead of 16. Haha! The lockout should be resolved immediately. It only puts everything on hold, you know.

Lurch said...

Dude, 1st game tonight. No preview, no "lockout's over!" article, no mention resigning gasol, the hype coming into this year? Anything? Did Stern veto your last article beacuse it was biased towards larger market teams? I need answers or just another post will suffice.

Alberto said...

nice costume! made me think, very figurative.

Charla Mcguyer said...

I'm so looking forward to the 2012-2013 season! Resolution of the NBA Lockout is long overdue. I can't wait to bring my nephews to the playoffs!

Bill said...

Since David got married he has no time for his blog (hehe)

Mike said...

what the hell? are you just not posting anymore to not jinx your team?

David Jones said...

Thanks Mike, you officially jinxed us!