Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Grizz Lose to Rockets 86-80

The Grizz lost their 3rd game to the Rockets though they had opportunities to win.

I only saw the last 4 minutes on NBA League Pass, but the Grizz made defensive stops only to miss on the offensive end.

When the Rockets weren't stopped, Yao was dominating the Grizz interior. Particularly bad, was a possession where Brian Cardinal tried hopelessly to deny Yao the ball. Yao easily scored on a lay-up.

Also disappointing were Swifts attempts at the offensive end. Even with good position, Swift couldn't get the ball over Yao. Still, it was good to see Swift aggressive at the offensive end late in the game and even better to see him in the game at all.

I can only hope that his 2 rebounds in 22 minutes were the result of getting back into shape.

Miller and Stoudemire continue to have mediocre games, while Gay and Jones had decent games.


Curt said...

I had a lot of sushi for lunch today. Wednesday is the day that Jordan, Katie, and me always go to the Chinese buffet for lunch. Yao Ming is also Chinese

Jouissance said...

I. Not "Me."

Jouissance said...
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Jouissance said...

Sushi is Japanese. Yao is not Japanese. Nither is Jerry West or E. Jones.

Jouissance said...

Sorry I corrected your grammar. That was the other Jonsey... channeling through me.