Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Warrick Leads Team to Victory

Since my last post, the Grizz have played 4 games. They dropped 2 against Dallas, defeated Orlando, and lost by three to the East's best team.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch any of the games, but I was impressed to see Warricks performance against the Magic.

H.Warrick F 32:49 11-19 0-0 4-5 4 6 10 1 1 0 3 0 26

Lowry and Jake also had solid games, but Warrick's play so far makes me wonder what the rotation will look like once Pau returns.

Here's my proposal:
PG: Atkins
SG: Miller
SF: Gay
PF: Warrick
C: Gasol

With Gasol at center, this line-up sacrifices some size., and rebound may be an issue. Still, centers in the NBA are getting smaller, and many teams would play their best defender on Gasol regardless of whether he plays center or power forward.

Warrick is demonstrating that he can play with power forwards in the league, and Gasol will benefit from having another consistent scorer in the post to whom he can pass.

Other questions about this line-up include whether Miller will be a defensive liability. Without Swift or Jake defending the lane, perimeter defense will be a higher priority. Gay will be a huge asset here. Lowry will also help when he spells Atkins.

In fact, the point guards may be interchangeable depending on who is performing at the highest level. Atkins is barely edging Lowry currently, and Lowry is providing a huge lift off the bench.

The biggest problem with my proposed starting line-up is that it leaves a bench of:

G: Lowry
F/C: Swift
G Stoudemire
G E Jones
G: D Jones
C: Jake
F Cardinal
F: Roberts

Fratello will undoubtedly (as he's done so far) play all these players, but there's not room for all of them to contribute consistently at a high level. Once Gasol returns, Fratello will either need to establish a pecking order that eliminates the playing time of some contributors or trade some players for draft picks or a combination of players for fewer.


Curt said...

Quality over quantity sucks the most.

PGI Elvis said...

Who is this Curt guy? Ironman Jones is my hero! Elvis

John said...

I agree with David that the Grizzlies have always been hurt by quantity over quality. The real question about when Pau comes back is who can consistently play well from the perimeter when the duble team undoubtably comes to Pau. Mike miller has shown he his not this player. As far as our bench goes it seems it is time to move away from the likes of Cardinal and the jones brothers for a solid two or three bench guys who are consistent. All of this seems moot though, since laetner and crew have said they will dump salary and head to big lots where they feel bargain shopping can provide them a compettive edge while getting richer.

David Jones said...

I agree that we'll need solid contributors from the perimeter, but I think Miller will fit that role well.

If nothing else, he can hit an open three. However, it may benefit the Grizz to have someone who can also drive once Pau kicks the ball out.

Miller hasn't had much success so far in traffic, and neither has Gay. We can only hope the Pau's presence opens room for them to contribute in the paint.

Otherwise, you're right, we may need to look for some who can create his own shot on the perimeter. Eddie Jones was that player three years ago.