Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Iavaroni Out?

There's been a lot of speculation that Iavaroni is on his way out. Ron Tillery wrote one of his best articles today explaining the situation.

Here's my prediction, and you can trust it. No, I don't have inside sources, but, more significant, I'm number 1 in both my NCAA pools. If Memphis wins the tournament, I'll be the victor.

Iavaroni won't be fired during the offseason. Iavaroni's job depends on the first 20 games of next season. If the Grizzlies make a decent improvement - they don't have to be a playoff team - Iavaroni will stay on. If they maintain this winning percentage or worse, Iavaroni will be gone by Christmas.

There's no rush to fire him. He's not making a ton of money, and Larry Brown doesn't come cheap nor does he work miracles.

In my opinion, Iavaroni hasn't done a great job. I'm basing my astute analysis on the winning percentage and the style of play. By style of play, I mean they don't play defense or pass the ball (please see number of assists).

To be fair, Iavaroni hasn't had much too work with. I was glad Heisley took a chance on Iavaroni. I don't think it would be a mistake to keep him on through the beginning of next season. I also don't think it would be a mistake to mix things up if the right opportunity came along. Hubie Brown showed us that the right coach certainly can make a difference.

Here to hoping Iavaroni is the right coach...


Anonymous said...

Next Town Brown?
With ALL the young players we have?
Really? DO you think its wise considering his record with young players? He will not work within a rebuilding situation, hes gonna want to get a few mediocre veteran starters instead of youngsters who are learning.

If you are building for the future, he is not the right guy:
A) because he doenst play kids
B) chances are excellent he will be gone within 2 years.


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