Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sam Smith Doesn't Like Me

Sam Smith was on the Geoff and Gary show last week. Sam Smith is an NBA writer who famously writes for the Chicago Tribune, and the Geoff and Gary Show is a Memphis Sports Talk Radio Show.

On the show, Smith admitted that he doesn't like Bloggers. He clarified that he doesn't dislike people who write for blogs. After all, there are many people who are affiliated with respectable organizations like newspapers and other media that write for 'blogs'. Smith was clear that he doesn't like the average joe who 'doesn't go anywhere' and 'comment on the news'.

Although I do leave the house occasionally, I think Sam's comments were aimed at me. After all, I comment on the news, and I don't have a relationship with any organization, or inside contacts from whom I can get a scoop about the Grizzlies.

However, I don't think that means Bloggers are bad or useless. Blogs allow fans like myself to express themselves in a public forum. Bloggers don't report the news. They give a voice to individuals who consume the news. They engage in public discourse.

Reporters report the news and editorialize on the information they report. Blogs provide an medium through which the public can express criticism of that work. This sounds like something healthy to a democratic society to me.

Sure, there are bad bloggers - bloggers that don't offer any insight or perpetuate what's wrong with all media. There are bloggers that are stupid, mean, ignorant, boring, and useless. There are reporters like this too.

That doesn't outweigh the value bloggers bring.

Personally, I enjoy writing about my favorite team. When they are as bad as they are, it can be therapeutic. If you don't think my blog adds any value, please feel free to comment below.

When you're done, you may wish to visit this blog, which is better than mine. Even the worst team in the history of the NBA has good bloggers.


Wyliemoney said...

Bloggers suck cause they can't spell. Your link to 3 shades o blu has a typo so it haint linking me up.

Thats wat i think.

Wyliemoney said...

Sam Smith is just bitter cause more and more people read crap bloggers write and less and less people read crap he writes so his business is going to pot.

ChipC3 said...

Thanks for the plug David and I agree that Smith's comments about bloggers is misdirected.

Smith hates bloggers because we catch him making illogical commentary in his newspaper and point it out for others who would accept what he writes as gospel otherwise. The 'traditional' media is very good at critiquing others but very bad as accepting the same type of investigation of themselves.

Craig said...

bloggers are the dreggs of social awareness right above people who read blogs who only rate slightly higher than those who comment on blogs.