Monday, November 03, 2008

Grizzlies Electing to Win for a Change

The early results suggest this year's Grizzlies are not only better than last year's 'team', but they're also fun to watch. 

They're fun to watch because, despite the expectations, they're winning. 

It is fun to have a team that's better than expected, and it's fun to cheer for a team that wins. 

With that said let's not declare victory until all the votes are in. We're only 4 games into the season, and there are still reasons to be concerned. The offense is incoherent at times. The team looks inexperienced at times, and Mike Conley has struggled or disappeared almost all the time.

With that said, there's reason to be optimistic. Marc Gasol is impressive, even when he's not putting up ridiculous numbers as he did against Golden State. Darrell Arthur and OJ Mayo don't look like rookies, even when they aren't playing at their best, and Rudy Gay has picked up where he left off. 

What stands out most about this team is its defense. Individually, Marc Gasol Kyle Lowry have stood out on defense. However, it also turns out that when you replace Darko, Miller, and Pau with Mayo, Arther, and Marc, your team defense and rebounding improves. Who knew?

I'm eager to see how our young team responds to two winnable games on the road this week against Sacramento and Golden State. I'll be attending Friday's game in person in Oakland. I never considered the possiblity that thr Grizzlies would be at or near .500 for their first trip to the Bay Area.

That is change I can believe in.


Sam said...

With a stat line like 27 pts and 16boards, I think I like the idea of four more years of a Gasol.

Justin said...

Holy cow, I can't believe how not bad Marc Gasol is! Did you see his outlet pass? No one told me he's the white Kevin Love.