Friday, December 04, 2009

Shane Battier Workout Video

Remember when Shane Battier played for the Grizzlies and it seemed like he was the hardest-working player and the only player that maximized his talent? Well, I caught up with Battier (AKA I filmed him without his knowledge) during his pregame routine before a game against the Warriors in Oakland. It turns out Battier has the most methodical workout (of the players I saw, including T-Mac, whose workout consists of shooting threes from the top of the key).

Here's Battier Shooting the Shane Battier Memorial Baseline Jumper:

I tried to get Shane Battier to sign page 45 of The Book of Basketball, but I didn't catch him before he returned to the locker room. Also, I was told by security that players would not sign a "hard" object like a book. Apparently, books pose an injury threat NBA players. The security guard did not see the comedy in this.

Here's Battier practicing his elbow jumper:

Here's Battier practicing his left-handed jump hook. See if you can spot Luis Scola:

And here's T-Mac, a few months before the Rockets trade him and/or banish him from the team:


Curt said...

shane battier is classless. prime minister's would have made it!!

warsaw said...

Seems like you didn't have enough patience to wait for Tracy to make at least one three pointer.

Sam said...

This seems like a pretty liberal use of the phrase "rival" by the Commercial Appeal headline writing department:

"Grizzlies hold on to upset rival Mavericks"

David Jones said...

I noticed that as well. I was also curious about the CA's use of the word Analysis in today's article:

Analysis: Grizzlies shake off slow start to produce success, camaraderie