Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lakers-Grizzlies: Live DVR Blogging

Pau returning to Memphis. Kobe's first game back. NBA TV HD. First time trying the new Dominos Pizza. Watching the game 2 hours late on the West Coast.

That's the perfect combo for Live DVR Blogging. Let's get to it.
McHale is wearing a Marc Gasol jersey, and Jose has put my order in the oven. This is shaping up to be a good night.

Conley just put the worst Laker FG shooter on the free throw line 13 seconds into the game. He continues to amaze.

The commentators are Pete Pranica and some guy named Hank. Where is Sean Tuoy? By the way, Pete is heating up: "Conley playing hide-n-seek." or " Conley rings the bell." or "Nothing but sweet string music for Mayo."

Lots of cheers for the Kobe Bryant after the free throw. These fans make me sick.

4 minute mark: Conley missed layup count 1.

End of First: 27-16 Lakers
Haddadi sighting. Assist, block, scores. Already playing as well as any Grizzly not names Gasol.

9 minutes: HADDADI: and 1. The first of the season?

7 minutes: Farmar alley-oop tp Bynum. The crowd erupts.

6 minutes: Sam Young makes a 3. Don't encourage him.

5 minutes: Haddadi at the free throw line, and the pizza has arrived.

Initial take on Domino's: A step up, but not as good as Papa John's.

Just got a text from reader John: "I want to die." I hope he's talking about Camby's injury. Note ot John: DON'T TEXT ME ABOUT THE GRIZZLIES.

1 minute: Mbenga in the game before Thabeet. Trivia question: Who draft selection what Mbenga?

9 minutes: Conley missed layup count: 2.

8 minutes: Kobe blocked. Mayo with a fast break dunk. The Laker bigs look terrible. This pizza is getting better.

5 minutes: Rudy Gay blocks Gasol underneath, and Fisher gets a 3. Definitely worth it.

3 minutes: Pete's back into it. I think he just said "Bango" after a Mayo 3.

2 minutes: Was just about to compliment Conley for the steals, then he threw it to Kobe. Memphis up 7.

1 minute: Pete informs us the Z-bo has just passed Pau for most offensive rebounds in 1 season.

Grizzlies up at the end of the third. At this point, John's text must be related to something else. There's no way the Grizzlies blow this.


Haddadi picks up the 5th foul on Bynum. Trivia question: What draft selection was Haddadi?

7 minutes: Grizzlies up 9. Almost too nervous to live DVR blog. I was never this nervous when they sucked.

Pau Gasol missed a free throw with less than 5 in the fourth. Is this 2005?

3 minutes: McHale, Webber, and EJ ripping on Artest. 1-9, and a badly missed 3 pointer. Also, Lakers have missed 5 free throws, including 4 straight.

2 minutes: Bryant 3, and Gay drives to the hole, with Bynum fouling out. Gay: 1-2 at the line.

1:40: Technical on Lionel Hollins: "I want to die."

1 minute: Conley missed layup count: 3. (It was more like a 8 footer.) "I WANT TO DIE."

OJ MAYO missed free throws. "I WANT TO DIE."

Laker ball 8.8 left. Down 2. "I WANT TO DIE."

Kobe for 3. Wide open. Mayo still thinking about his missed free throws. The crowd erupts. "I WANT TO DIE."

Mayo misses. "I want to die."
Saddest part of the Grizzlies' season is their 1st playoff win won't come against Pau. They match up as well against the Lakers as any other playoff team: bad point guard, bad 3 forward offensively, bad bench, bigs who play down low, but aren't terribly physical. Would have been a good series.
For those of you looking for audio of the post game presser, where Hollins yells at Jarvis Greer, listen here: http://www.grizzliesonline.com/index.php/calendar/event/grizzlies_vs._lakers3/


joel said...

well game is over. how was the pizza?

John said...

thanks for the nut punch tonight grizz.

Curt said...

spoiler alert: season high in points for Haddadi!

David Jones said...

John, thanks for managing my expectations with the text. The Kobe shot would have been so much worse if I hadn't known they would win in advance.

Curt: feel free to text Haddadi updates at any time of the day.

Joel: Pizza was over hyped, but the price is right.

Jake Wells (Jerrytown) said...

That game was awesome except for the loss. I caught the whole thing on ESPN gamecast until the last 97 seconds at home.

Can Rudy actually play defense? Seriously, the guy was 5 feet away from 24 on that 3-pointer.

David Jones said...

Rudy needs to improve his defense for sure. I thought swatting the ball out of bounds was just as bad.

If he can improve his defense this next year as much has he improved his offense this season, the Knicks have a shot at winning some games.

Sam said...

John's text was clearly the highlight of the evening

John said...

I'm not sure which moment summed up the night best, but Rudy Gay slamming the ball that had already been blocked down so hard it bounced off the back of the backboard was certianly up there. Mayo missing both from the line (is it something in the artesian wells of Memphis that causes players to choke away free throws to clinch big games?) is close. Our coach losing his temper giving the Lakers a freebie was nice. Even the last play of the game for us was pretty awful. But at least we played a good 10 feet off Kobe on their last possesion. I am glad I wasn't at this game as I may have stabbed every person in a Kobe jersey in the eye. Now I am going to have to watch the superbowl again tonight so I can find a way to enjoy sports again.

John said...

by the way, I had not logged on to see you were dvr blogging when I sent that text. I had dvr'ed it myself, but got home from the driving range and turned on the tv with 10 minutes left in the 4th and couldn't turn it off. I immediately deleted the game from my tv, if only I could do that with my brain.

J-Bo said...

Most painful loose this season... i hope u know what i mean... best regards from Spain...