Monday, October 11, 2010

10 Years in the Making

As we hit the mid-way point of the Grizzlies' preseason, one question comes to mind: "Who is the ugliest person on the Grizzlies' 10 year anniversary collage?"

Personally, I think the artist has a bias towards Stromile Swift, but I have to give him/her credit for finding a bad likenesses even for the most handsome Grizzly. (Eddie Jones, you know who you are.) I couldn't have done better if I had searched for "Memphis Grizzlies Open Mouth" on Google Images, but I guess they didn't want Jake Tsakalidis to stand out.

Two follow up questions might be: "Where is Hamed Haddadi?" and "Why are Chris Wallace and Jerry West smiling?"

This is why I'm here.


J-Bo said...

Haddadi is not in an airport in Iran? Still...

Curt said...

It is obvious that the most attractive on this poster is Tony Baronne, just like in real life. You can see how the artist uses Mike Miller's beauty to draw your eye to Baronne and his collection of chins.