Thursday, December 21, 2006

2007 Free Agent Class Weak

It may be early for most teams to start thinking about this summer's free agent class, but my optimism about the money that the Grizzlies will have when 5 players come off the books this July made me curious about who would be available.

What I found was this summer's free agent class has little to offer.

There are no big names. There are no players who could change the direction of the franchise.

There are a few players who would be a solid investment at 5-6 million. Jamaal Magloire (who embarrassed us last weak) and Danny Fortson could provide the rebounding and the physical presence that the Grizzlies have always wanted (and Tsakalidis hasn't been able to provide). Both have big deficiencies and neither is the missing piece that will take the Grizzlies to the next round. However, for the right price, both could provide something the Grizzlies are missing.

There are other veterans (Desmond Mason, Jeff McInnis, Morris Peterson) who have the potential to be solid contributors, but as I've said before, the Grizzlies aren't lacking in solid contributors.

Similarly, there are some young talents (Darko Milicic, Andres Nocioni) who have an upside. However, many are restricted and accompany a significant risk.

Finally, there are two marquee names: Jerry Stackhouse and Grant Hill. Something tells me they wouldn't be willing to move to Memphis even if they could make Memphis an elite team. Both players a too past their prime for that, and Memphis doesn't need any more former All Stars.

For 2007, the Grizzlies should hold onto their money instead of spending much money in the free agent market. Most players aren't worth more than 5 million, and we've already got Brian Cardinal (who deserves more playing time).

Luckily our most important players are signed through the 2008 season as well. During this offseason (only 4 months away), we'll have to improve through the lottery, trades, rest, and hard work.

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Andy said...

What happened to the paragraph about Earl Barron being the hope for the Grizzlies' future? He is worth 5 times 5 million.

Brian said...

All I hope is that we do not re-sign Jake next season. I mean is he not the biggest waste of height in the NBA. He is 7 foot whatever, and I don't think I've seen him dunk all season. At least he is a somewhat solid contributor on defense. He just needs a little work on the O.

I will say this about Jake though...he probably wins the award for the most unattractive player on the Grizzlies. At least your first in something Jake!

Anonymous said...

Umm, Grant Hill and Jerry Stackhouse are the only marquee names? Do you realize that this class includes Vince Carter, RaShard Lewis, Chauncey Billups and Gerald Wallace? Granted, they probably won't consider going to Memphis, but this is a strong class.