Saturday, December 02, 2006

New Ownership Planning to Trade Gasol?

Rumors have been circulating around the internet that Brian Davis plans to trade Gasol if he becomes managing owner of the Grizzlies.

The Commercial Appeal and some national media sources have reported that Davis has privately stated that Gasol isn't popular with fans and is overpaid. Assuming Davis did state this, we can guess that Davis believes other stars, even if they don't perform as well, would sell more tickets in Memphis.

Certainly, other stars in this league have flashier, more athletic games. Jason Richardson's dunks are spectacular. Similarly, other stars have been branded, both by the NBA and themselves, so that they, not their teams, are the big draw when they're in town. No one goes to see the Minnesota Timberwolves when they're visiting. Fans want to see Kevin Garnett.

However, trading Gasol is a mistake.

Gasol has a talent that few players can match in this league. Gasol will win wherever he plays for the next 5 years.

His work during the offseason and his quick recovery from a broken foot demonstrate strong work ethic and a desire to ensure that his team wins.

He's versitile on offense, creating his own shots as well as opportunities for others.

He can score (at a high percentage: > 50%) both facing or with his back to the basket, and can finish with both hands. There are few players in this league anymore at 7 foot who can do that, and many of them are old (Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Rasheed Wallace).

He shoots FTs at a good percentage, especially for a 7 footer (about 75%).

He is a effective passer. He averaged almost 4 assists last year most of which came when opposing players tried to double team him.

Last year Gasol was an All Star because the focus of the team shifted away from Hubie Brown's 'win by committee' style towards a style where Gasol was the focal point. His minutes were increased and more of the plays were run through him.

Gasol was extremely successful in this role, and the team was as well. They didn't match Hubie Brown's 50 win season (missed it by one win), but they also lost their starting point guard to a season ending injury early.

Trading Gasol for draft picks or a combination of player who will be bought out to reduce expenses will set the Grizzlies back as a lottery team for anther 2-3 years. Trading for an established veteran won't save money and will ensure the Grizz are 'stuck' as a borderline playoff team for 2-3 years.

The best strategy moving forward is to pursue (internally or externally) 5 players that will consistently support Gay, Warrick, and Gasol.

I don't believe Davis will be able to trade Gasol before the off season. Sale of the team won't be final before mid January at the earliest. That gives Davis a month to work something out before the trading deadline, which is a short time frame even for someone set on shipping the franchise player. Even if a deal was proposed, trading the franchise player would probably be perceived as foolish so soon after the purchase.

That gives Gasol until the end of the season to demonstrate to ownership that he is the franchise player that I believe he can be.

Finally, if any deal involves sending Gasol to the Knicks, I'll end this blog and become a Milwaukee Bucks fan.


Curt said...


Andy said...
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Andy said...

I went ahead and registered so that David will have to pay me millions when he tries to switch over.

Curt, maybe we should draft a few proposals that makes trading Pau to the Knicks more feasible within a one month time frame.

Curt said...

Well, on RealGM, you can trade Pau straight up for Steve Francis, a real fan favorite here in Memphis. OR, if you are more of a Marbury man, you can trade Gasol, but also get to ship more dead weight on the team in Rudy Gay, and then the trade goes through. But since we aren't in a hurry, we can trade Gasol for Jared Jeffries on December 15 and you can get Malik Rose in that deal as well. I am fine with, in fact encourage, any of these moves.

John said...

well now that eddy curry is establishing himself as a deserved top 10 pick, i think we should really try to get him ivolved in the trade. Maybe we can even get mr. thomas for fratello in the deal. also is hardaway or houston still on the books cause i would love to pick up some of that tab.