Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gasol Back/Carmelo Out

I saw Gasol's second game back. He looked impressive in 20 minutes against the Heat. The team still looked lost without him, and Atkins had a rare terrible game. More exciting was the final minute of the Denver-New York game. Isiah Thomas must have been reminded of the spectacular fights Detroit had with Philadelphia and Boston in the 80s, the difference being that all three teams in the 80s had something for which to fight.

I don't condemn a good brawl in the heat of competition. In fact, attacking assholes in the crowd excluded, the league is probably too harsh on players who throw a punch when tempers flare. However, the Knicks have no excuse. They should take the beating they deserve from any team that delivers it. Once the Knicks establish themselves as a competitive team instead of the biggest waste of money in professional sports, where players go to die, they can start fights (read: hook opponents' necks) with first round exiters like the Nuggets if they want to.

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