Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Grizzlies Lose to Bucks

I just finished watching the Grizzlies loss to the Bucks.

The Grizzlies looked good during stretches. Rudy Gay is still impressive on the offensive end. Both he and Darko Milicic had some solid defensive blocks in the beginning. Milicic was active around the boards too.

I like that Gay and Miller attacked the basket and got to the free throw line. All the Grizzlies shot well from the free throw line, which is a welcome change.

Mike Conley, Damon Stoudemire, and Kyle Lowry each had some impressive stretches. However, none of them were consistently good enough. Miller missed a ton of open threes.

The Grizzlies number one problem was that they didn't go back to Gasol soon enough. Gasol sat for a significant part of the fourth, and even when he was in the game, the Grizzlies didn't give him touches in the post. Marc Iavaroni must demand that the Grizzlies establish Gasol late in the game to open up the shooters. Iavaroni also needs to stick to a shorter rotation so Gasol and Milicic can spend more time on the court.

Also, rebounding and defensive lapses as usual bit the Grizzlies in that ass, and Navarro seems to have left his game in the preseason.

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