Monday, March 10, 2008

Grizzlies Adding Value to Season Tickets

There's not much hope that the Grizzlies will be a very good team next year, or much fun to watch.

However, the Grizzlies are making season ticket deals more attractive for fans.

You can read all about the details at the Commercial Appeal. If I lived in Memphis, I'd definitely buy season tickets.

In fact, while I was checking out season ticket pricing, I was amazed to see how cheap they were.

I can't believe you can sit in the closest section outside of the floor for $7,605 per season. I was checking out tickets for the Warriors (my closest team), and saw you can buy single game tickets for $1700. I assume those are on the floor, but Grizzlies tickets by comparison are $667.

Granted, I'm comparing one of the poorest NBA markets to one of the richest. Still, you can't say the Grizzlies are grossly overcharging. (OK, based on their record, I guess you could make that case.)

The point is that, compared with other NBA ticket prices, these ticket prices aren't astronomical. They aren't what you expect to pay when you go to an NBA game. (Of course, the Grizzlies don't play like you'd expect an NBA team to play either.)

On a slightly unrelated note, I've been listening to Chris Wallace on the Chris Vernon Show. I have to say that Wallace sounds like he knows what he's talking about. He seems to genuinely believe that what he's doing will turn the team around.

He also seems very down to earth. He's not unrealistic about how terrible the team is or how difficult it will be to turn them around.

To summarize:

  1. The Grizzlies seem to be making a concerted effort to turn things around.
  2. They're making a strong effort to make tickets attractive even when the team is terrible.
  3. They need to turn their efforts into wins next season. Otherwise, concerted translates to failed.
  4. The Pau Gasol trade was a terrible deal.


bkatz said...

Wow, didn't realize tickets were that cheap. It will still be hard to spend money on them if the team doesn't improve over the offseason.

David Jones said...

I would definitely spend the money. But it would also probably drive me mad...