Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Met Mike Miller

I was out at Silky O'Sullivan's on Saturday night, and Mike Miller showed up after the Grizzlies second straight win. They defeated the Kings and Knicks. I bought Mike the beer, Miller Lite, that he's holding in his right hand.

On Monday, I'll be at the game against the Nuggets who are struggling to make the playoffs. Hopefully, the Grizzlies can extend the streak to three. Afterwards, I hope to see Kwame Brown at $2.50 Pint Night at the Flying Saucer.


Anonymous said...

Which one is Mike Miller?

- Sam Smith

Curt said...

david forgot to mention that I am holding up two fingers to represent the win streak

John said...

And that he now has a really impressive beard.

Molly said...

I guess dreams really do come true, huh?