Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jason Williams: Locker Room Leader

Eventually, Williams had to be pulled away by Grizzlies guard Mike Miller. But after getting in Calkins' face again, another Memphis official took Williams out of the locker room.


Curt said...

3 posts in 3 days? This is amazing. John, coming to Memphis to watch Colt put dogs to sleep anytime soon? Our friend Nate is a whiny bitch because we can't come down there.

Sam said...

How has there not been a Robert "Big Bobby" Archibald reference yet, homebody?

David Jones said...

Sam, please check the archives. There have been extensive references throughout the history of this blog, even before the Grizzlies drafted him.

I helped West scout him.

I told him: "This Scotsman is going to be like Danny Schayes, only worse, Homebody."