Thursday, August 27, 2009

AI Loves Memphis

This is worth watching again.

Allen Iverson Twitted today that he loves Memphis.

Rudy Gay has been silent on this issue.

Meanwhile John Hollinger says, with Iverson, we'll be the most selfish team ever.

All I can say is this team is better with Allen Iverson on a one year contract.


Na Pueo NYC said...

Nice Rhymes, both AI and DJ. AI will bring some swagger to the Grizz. If you are lucky, he may even play a few games.

J-Bo said...

We talkin' bout practice?... best verse ever...

warsaw said...

This trainwreck is at least going to be entertaining. A better product that something like Sacramento.


Conley would be useless as an asset at the end of the year.

AI-OJ-Gay-Z.Randolph can be the worst defensive team in the NBA.

Sam said...

Is Conley not already useless?

David Jones said...

I think Conley is somewhere between Ramon Sessions and Marko Jaric in terms of his value.

Curt said...

The key to the season is Haddadi. We cannot cave to trade demands. He is too important.

Sam said...

On an unrelated note, I was dead wrong about Rubio. I'd rather have a bad stick figure than nobody.

David Jones said...

Haddadi is key to the development of Thabeet as a 5 minutes per game center.

MN is giving us a run for our money as worse team in the league.

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