Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick Question

Any time you can add a washed up point guard who isn't good enough for the 2009 New York Knicks, you have to, right?


warsaw said...

That's a good slogan to attract bench players:

"If nobody wants you, we do"

I guess if J-Will has really changed he won't be a big problem, although I really don't see him being for the Grizz what Sam Cassell was for the Celtics.

David Jones said...

The sad part is that Jwill has never been as good as a player like Sam Cassell.

For a point guard who might play 10 minutes a night, wouldn't you rather have a scrappy defensive player who plays with energy.

Think Kyle Lowry or Earl Watson.

Sam said...

But he's not nearly as ugly as Sam Cassell (a/k/a "the alien"), so he's got that going for him.