Tuesday, September 08, 2009

God Chose Memphis

Allen Iverson announced via Twitter: "God Chose Memphis as the place that I will continue my career. I met with Mr. Heinsley, Chris Wallace and my next head coach Lionel Hollins"

Moments later, I announced that I was now following @alleniverson.

Unfortunately, even bigger news is getting lost in the Iverson announcement. Hasheem Thabeet also announced: 9/9/9 9:9:9am i was in the weight room!!


John said...

I love that he misspelled the name of the guy who just paid him millions of dollars. I also love wathcing Geoff Calkins turn into a grumpy old man. What iverson jersey are you getting, home or away or both? Also does he immediately become the best player to ever be a grizz?

J-Bo said...

Hell yeah John!!!

David Jones said...

I am thinking of a Vancouver Throwback Iverson Jersey.

I can't think of any better player besides Jake Tsakaleidis.

Sam said...

Calkins has an article that mentions Conley being better than AI. Please discuss.

David Jones said...

I don't think Conley has demonstrated he's better Sessions at this point.