Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Grizzlies are Mad Men

I was watching episode 3 of season 3 of Mad Men the other night, and I couldn't help but notice the similarities between the ad folks at Sterling-Cooper and our modern day Memphis Grizzlies.

I can't help but wonder if Matthew Weiner had our boys in blue in mind when he penned the series.

OJ Mayo is Donald Draper.

Draper is the only hope Sterling-Cooper has for success. He's got the most talent at the agency. Despite his skills, Draper is fighting an uphill battle with Sterling, Cooper, and Pryce running the show.

Chris Wallace is Roger Sterling.

Sterling knows the company line and how to spin. When American Airlines chooses a rival ad firm, Sterling will look on the bright side.

Lionel Hollins is Betty Draper

When Betty's not making Don sleep on the couch, she's searching for her own identity. Don can survive without her, but can she survive without Don?

Zach Randolph is Pete Campbell

Pete Campbell does one thing really well. He smooth talks clients. Unfortunately, no one really likes him because it seems like he's only interested in his own career. On top of that, his personal life is starting to interfere with his performance at work.

Allen Iverson is Duck Phillips

Duck isn't a partner at Sterling-Cooper, but his reputation precedes him. Unfortunately, he's also an alcoholic that could go off the deep end at any time. This will not end well.

Michael Heisley is Lane Pryce

Pryce is an exec from the the London-based company that acquired Sterling-Cooper. He doesn't quite understand this side of the pond, but that doesn't stop him from running the show. If Pryce didn't insert himself, it would be too easy, right?

Rudy Gay is Peggy Olsen

Peggy is a late bloomer. It's clear she has the tools to succeed, but can she put it together? She's operating in a man's world so hers is an uphill battle.

Marc Gasol is Joan Holloway

Holloway's physique is intimidating and she isn't afraid to take advantage of her body. She's resourceful and can do a little bit of everything reasonably well.

Hasheem Thabeet is Jane Sterling
Young and ambitious Jane Sterling sweeps Roger Sterling off his feet by doing one thing really well. Now they're married, and everyone thinks Roger should have stayed with his first wife...

Hamed Haddadi is Salvatore Romano

Salvatore is a closet gay man living in a straight man's world. Will the rest of the office accept him for who he is, or is he a stranger in his own company?


J-Bo said...

Damn... you're right...

Anonymous said...


Curt said...

Damn... so right.

Curt said...

I actually just read the whole thing. Are you implying that Haddadi is gay? I am about to un-follow this blog.

John said...

No he is saying that Haddadi is trying to fit in while being a closet Iranian.

David Jones said...

John, you know my writing so well.

Sam said...

Very well done, I was expecting Thabeet to be Ken Cosgrove - the bright-eyed young stick figure. Certainly, though, you could find someone for Paul Kinsey - this team is filled with self-important posers.

David Jones said...

Thanks Sam, also on the cutting room floor. Jerry West as Bertram Cooper, the perfect mix of sly and senile.

KneeJerkNBA said...

Love Gasol as Joan. But I have to say it, OJ is no Don Draper.

David Jones said...

Fine, KneeJerk, but will you admit Rudy Gay is Peggy Olsen?

Josh Dhani said...

Great job! Saw it on Yahoo's Sports Blog Ball Don't Lie! Congrats on all your success with this post. Also, thanks for adding Memphis Blue Bears to your blogroll. Congrats David!

Anonymous said...

Love your Blog Follow it on Tumblr much sucess with it

Anonymous said...

Where is Marko Jaric in all this?