Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bill Simmons and Me

I met Bill Simmons at Borders in San Francisco on November 5.

He took my photo on his Blackberry, we chatted about how Jerry West almost died when the Grizzlies lost the Lebron sweepstakes, and he signed page 188 of my copy of The Book of Basketball.

Here's me as Allen Iverson, Ben as Rudy Gay, and Simmons as The Sports Guy:

Later, Lakers fan Evan (wearing a Memphis Gasol jersey) had Simmons sign "I heart Kobe". Don't worry, Simmons wrote "don't" between "I" and "heart".


Blair Perry said...


Sam said...

Simmons wasn't the only one impressed. His publicist appears to be checking y'all out.

Ben said...

this is as famous as I've ever been

vanjulio said...

awesome fashion choices in the jerseys over dark colored shirts.

dont' look white and nerdy at all! ^_^

(weird Al fan here)

Justin said...

Dude you made his column!

Sam said...

One blogger thinks David looks like a leprechaun

Bengoodfella said...

I'm the blogger that made the leprechaun comment. I explained it on the comment David posted on my site, but basically he looks like my roommate in college who dressed like a leprechaun a lot for Halloween and other events. Therefore I transferred this judgment on him. He doesn't look like that in the video. I know when I wrote that he would find my site and I would end up explaining myself.

Picture poses are always awkward and I just like mocking them. Simmons whipped his phone out pretty quick there, looks like you didn't have much time to plan a badass pose.

So you got a Grizzlies blog...good stuff. What do you think about Thabeet? I don't know any Grizzlies fans so I haven't been able to ask anyone their opinion. I personally didn't like him as high as the 2nd pick but would like to see him do well. He didn't impress me the many times I saw him play (on television) at UConn. I just wondered what real Grizzlies fans thought of the pick, because honestly I hated it. He has no offensive game, and I am not confident he can get one, and on defense he seemed to struggle when guys went right at him. If he could be a Mutumbo type I would have liked it more, but I don't see him as that. Anyway, I wondered what you thought about him.

I loved the Sam Young pick though. Dude will never be an All Star but I think he can contribute.

stuart said...


Loved blissfully reading Simmon's weekly blog for his NFL picks when suddenly there you were!

eda said...