Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some Good News

Normally I don't write about individual games. But with all the recent negativity, I want to highlight what was easily the best game of the season.

More than in any other game I've watched, the Grizzlies played like a team rather than a group of individuals. It showed on defense where this season's worst offenders, Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo, were focused on staying in front of their men and everyone made an effort to contest shots.

And it showed on offense, where the team:

1. Ran offensive plays. (I almost forgot what it was like to see an offensive play.)
2. Made a concerted effort to feed Gasol and Randolph. (Multiple times on some possessions)
3. Minimized one-on-one play (Gay and Mayo stood out in their efforts to avoid this.)

I have never seen Gay focus like this and let the game come to him. I hate to use that cliche, but that's really what he did. In the first half he focused on defense, and he didn't force his offense.

Other positive notes include:

1. Marcus Williams looked comfortable at the point. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a butt injury soon.
2. Sam Young and DeMarre Carroll minimized mistakes and focused on their rolls.
3. Even Hasheem Thabeet looked like he knew what he was doing.
4. Marc Gasol is making a case for team MVP. Does he have what it takes to be the vocal leader the Grizzlies need?

We shouldn't blow one game out of proportion. There's still reason for concern:

1. Mike Conley
2. Too many unforced errors
3. They were playing against a lottery team with two injured starters and an injured 6th man.

In a season that's already become one of the Grizzlies' most embarrassing, this was an early highlight.


Curt said...

I saw that you broke up with @alleniverson. How is he taking it? Do you have your jersey hanging next to the Michael Dickerson jersey? I believe I have 2 sets of bobbleheads that you can put with them, but you cannot have the brown Grizz bobblehead.

mbaker said...

I like the upside for sam young. He plays like he's been in the league for 5 years.

David Jones said...

Curt, he hasn't Tweeted or played an NBA game since I un-followed him. That's not a coincidence.

Baker, Young is a great second round pick for sure.

John said...

Have you been casting your haddadi all-star votes like he requested? He has looked like a strong random dude sitting at the end of the bench. Would have been nice to have drafted jennings in hindsight to play point.

David Jones said...

John, Curt says you should be GM with statements like "Would have been nice to have drafted jennings in hindsight to play point."

As for the All-Star votes, I am casting my vote for AI. He should be the second Grizzly to make the team.

John said...

why are you posting for curt? is he too bust to speak for himself?