Monday, November 09, 2009

God Chose Personal Leave

Remember when god chose Memphis as the city where Allen Iverson would play for the home team? (In case you forgot, it was 2 months ago on September 9th at 7:06 AM.)

Now god has sent Allen Iverson away from the team without allowing him to play one game in Memphis, and Iverson is in danger of threatening Kwame Brown's lock on Most Embarrassing Stint as a Grizzly.

Iverson is seen here praying to the big agent in the sky.

Of course, as was true of Brown's stint with the Grizzlies, (and almost everything about the Memphis Grizzlies) Iverson's shitshow is more about the ineptitude of the Memphis Grizzlies than the immaturity of the 34 year old guard.

First, it's despicable that the Grizzlies didn't address their expectations about Iverson's role directly with him before they signed him. He had a history of getting pissed off when asked to come off the bench, and the Grizzlies leadership had to know he might come off the bench.

Second, common sense would dictate that the coach may want to have 1:1 conversations with his players. Based on what Iverson and Coach Lionel Hollins have said in the media, it appears this possibility has escaped Hollins.

Do you like it when your manager addresses issues about your role and performance with the entire world instead of in a 1:1 meeting? No, you don't like it.

Iverson is pictured here flipping the bird at Lionel Hollins.

The worst part of all: The Grizzlies are a steaming pile of shit with or without Iverson. Three of the starters, OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay, and Mike Conley, are playing so poorly on defense, that none of them deserves to start.

Unfortunately, as anyone with eyeballs and a functioning brain knew 4 months ago, the bench is so terrible that, without Iverson, there's no one one to consider replacing them.

Here's a video of the controversial starting lineup in Oakland.

Of course, this is par for the course with the Memphis Grizzlies. Instead of maximizing their potential and winning games against less talented teams, the Grizzlies are arguing over whether the fifth best player on the team should start over the sixth best player.

The lord works in mysterious ways.


Bengoodfella said...

I bet Grizzlies fans with that God will tell the team to do their fans a favor and put together a good team that is worth watching.

First, Iverson says God tells him to take a personal leave and now Thabeet and Randolph collide, which broke Thabeet's jaw.

David Jones said...

I am sure Grizzlies fans have it worse than Job.

Evan said...

tough break.

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mbaker said...

How many wins are you predicting For the season?

David Jones said...

0, I think they'll take away our one win because we're so disgraceful.

Curt said...

I hadn't commented for a while because I had noticed a lack of Biblical references. But now, that problem is solved.

In other news, I really enjoyed Zach Randolph's technical foul tonight. He makes me happy.

David Jones said...

Curt. Thanks for your comments. I like how we're down ~20 to a team that's missing it's 2 best players to injury.

How do you think we'd be doing if we were missing our 2 best players? Do we even have 2 best players? Or only 12 worst players?

Bengoodfella said...

Just remember that the team has hit rock bottom when you start missing Kwame Brown. That's when you should start worry about the team. Until that point comes, you haven't reached rock bottom.

I don't mean to keep bashing the management of the Grizzlies but don't they have to actually try to do as poorly as they have done?

Sam said...

A Steve Francis (twice!) comment seems appropriate, but I'm too tired to come up with something witty. Curt, please assist.