Monday, January 22, 2007

Gasol Demands Trade

Gasol demands trade?

Is this the guy who damned our season by breaking his foot in the World Championship Games? We paid this guy for 22 games where he sat on the bench and his teammates suffered because of his LOYALTY to his home country, Spain. That's 3.3 Million per game. Assuming he plays in preseason games and goes to training camp for free. Which he doesn't. And NOW he demands a trade?

We endured years of development as Gasol matured into one of the dominant back-to-the-basket players in the game. Now, as he enters his the peak of his career, he demands a trade?

At this point in his career, with no obvious conflict with management, I can't believe Gasol is demanding a trade. He's not Allen Iverson. He's Steve Francis. A one-time All Star. (Steve Francis was actually an All Star 3 times.)

After this, we should be demanding that he get the hell out of Memphis. We should demand that he learns how to play help defense, or any kind of defense. (It's embarrassing to watch Nene weave his way through our defense like he's Allen Iverson.)

Gasol is 7 feet tall and supposedly passionate about winning. Help defense and rebounding are effort. If he devoted the effort on defense that he did on offense the Grizzlies wouldn't be a porous team. They wouldn't have lost 12 straight playoff games. (Tonight Gasol had 17 rebounds. He's either auditioning all of a sudden or 17 misses happened to bounce his way.)

Gasol is a dominant offensive player. He scores and passes at will. However, he's been ridiculed by many as soft. I've always defended Gasol because of his professionalism and devotion to making his team and himself better. Now, I see I was wrong. Gasol IS soft. He's not strong enough to take this franchise (which has named him its player) and make it a contender. Gasol has given up on Memphis, and Gasol has given up on himself. He thinks he's a star that deserves to be put in a situation where he can win. This situation was his. He could have made the team win. These demands demonstrate his disloyalty and lack of professionalism.

A beard does not make a player great, and throwing your hands up in the air doesn't make the play a foul.

Here's my proposal. First, if I were Rudy Gay or Hakim Warrick, I would never pass the ball to Gasol.

Second, trade him to Toronto for Chris Bosh. In Toronto, Gasol will be two teammates away from having the starting 5 of the Spanish National Team.

The only problem is Chris Bosh is better than Gasol, so the Raptors would never accept that trade. Luckily, the Grizzlies have plenty of other players to make the deal attractive. (Judging from tonight's game, management has decided to play Brian Cardinal so he can be included in a trade.)

Once Gasol is gone, the Grizzlies can rebuild in earnest. It will be a lot easier to be competitive when we have 5 players at both ends of the court.


John said...

I would have to agree with your sentiments. I own enough Gasol jerseys to hate to see him go and become the next webber/howard/etc. who never amounts to more than a solid big man with a bigger ego. The only problem I have is that i think a Toronto trade is a little far fetched. Chris Bosh is younger, better, and trying to be the face of that franchise. We might have to over compensate to get him. Realgm is reporting that the Nets are interested (for the second time this season?) in aquiring Gasol. Who would they offer to make this deal happen, the oft injured RJ and who else? I haven't seen any details, but looking over there roster I don't see a whole lot to build around (assuming Vince and Kidd are out of the picture). I personally would love to see a Ben Gordon and Luol Deng trade though I am afraid Chicago would balk at that offer. Gordon is a proven scorer and has the potential to be one of the top shooting guards in the league. Deng seems to be Rudy Gay a couple years from now (both are 6-9 220 and can jump out of the gym) , but is putting up Gasol like numbers. These guys could run in the Barrone tempo offense and give us a ridiculous young core to build around especially if the ping pong balls fall our way. Gasol its been a good ride ever since I met you at the airport your rookie year, but what you have done to the team and the city these past two days is unforgivable.

Steve said...

Let's recap: Have a gazillion $$$ contract; break your foot playing for someone else; miss most of the season; play a few games; demand a trade. Must be the NBA!

Good riddance Gasol.

John said...

So now that the backlash has come out and Gasol has either made his stance more clear or back peddaled as fast as possible should there be a differeing opinion amongst us loyal Griz fans? Was it merely a young man having experienced the height of his basketball career in winning an World basketball chanpionship with his country me not being able to play while watching his team implode from within one year removed from one of the best recordsin the leafue. All of this after losing the other face of the franchise who helped him adjust to the league his rookei year? Then having to adjust to a new coach with a new style that doesn't exactly play to his strengths? He says he wants to win and if Memphis is commited to winning he would love to stay. Does a top 3 draft pick and a decnt off-season aquisition equal a commitment to win? Are there really any of us out there who at one point during our daily work routine thought about greener grass elsewhere? It's ot as if he spouted off in the locker room after a game or a press conference syaing he wants out. he merey mentioned to his agent that if the opportunity presented itself to play for a contender he wouldn't want the organization to turn a deaf ear.heisley has made it clear that if we trade gasol it will befor the benefit of the team. My guess, there are no remotely decent offers from other teams, Feb. 22nd passes quitely, we continue to lose and this summer after netting a top three pick in the draft all this hulabaloo finally resurfaces. As for Gasol, west or barrone needs to talk to him. Assure him we are headed in the right directiona and if he doesn't step up his effort/defense he can forget being a part of it. he is good, but if you don't rebound or play D you will never be a franchise player. This may seemlike a 180 for me from 12 hours ago, but when your teammates back are behind you and you stepback after the intial gag reflex Gasol is just frustrated like the rest of us Grizz fans.

David Jones said...

Gasol's frustration is fair, but I'd hope he would take the initiative to demand that management make the changes necessary to win rather than asking to be traded away.

Jerry West can be fired for not doing his job just as easily as Pau can be traded for not doing his. He's the franchise player, and I hope that he takes us to a championship.

I wouldn't be lying if I said I'd be thrilled if Gasol declares his devotion to the Grizzlies and stays here and wins for the rest of his career. It's difficult to find someone with talent who is also a hard-worker and passionate about winning. For all of Gasol's faults, he is those things. But if he's not devoted to winning here, how can the Grizzlies win here.

I don't doubt that Gasol will play hard while he's here, but I don;t think it's right to ask for a trade.

If management doesn't respond with a commitment to getting better (which they've maintained until the shit storm of a sale they attempted), then I'd demand a trade too.

I for one am not challenging Gasol's contributions or blaming him for the Grizzlies' season. I'm only challenging the request for a trade and it's timing.

Curt said...

The bulls are supposedly offering Gordon with PJ Brown and the 1st round pick from the Knicks that is unprotected. I would do this in a heartbeat. Two Top 10 picks in this upcoming draft would be unbelieveable. Plus then you have Jones expiring contract and i think Brown's 8 million or so expires after this season as well.
Plus, Staudamire and Eddie Jones are now also both dead to me.

John said...

That seems like a pretty legit trade. This is suppose to be one of the deepest draft in a while and while the knicks are currently projected at 11 (is that right?) two lottery picks would be nice. We haven't seen that since Battier and Gasol back in 2001. The only problem I see with the trade is you still have no franchise player, no corner stone. I think Oden or Durant could be as good or better than Gasol, but like Gasol as a rookie it will take a few years. Do we want to wait that long?

David Jones said...

I'd like to have Gordon, but that would put our two top scorer's at SG, so we'd probably have to trade Miller too.

I'd prefer to wait on trading Gasol until the summer.

Jerry West told CNNSI today that he wouldn't be surprised if Gasol retired a Grizzly.

pauista said...

the problem is that these davidjones only care about money. they don't care about feelings and patriotism. for pau winning the world cup was the best think ever happened to him. even better than making this ad with that hot babe ( he is not going to give it up. that's why he wants to trade. not for the money. he hasn't have found support in memphis. he's found only criticism. he didn't hurt himself in pourpose. there is nothing worst for a player than a long injury. and after that... all this harsh criticism. he is tired, he needs new air!