Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thoughts on the Gasol Rumors

It seems that there are a few possibilities floating around:

1. Trade Gasol to Portland for Aldridge, Magloire, and Rodriguez. I know little about Aldridge or Rodriguez, or their potential. There stats aren't impressive, but they're both rookies who could develop and don't accompany a large investment.

I've lobbied to trade for Magloire since he played in New Orleans with Baron Davis (who I also thought we should have acquired). However, I wanted him when we needed a strong presence next to Gasol. Now, we'd only take on the flexibility that his expiring contract would provide. While I'm not opposed to that strategy, it doesn't offer much short-term hope given the weak up coming free agent class.

To take this deal, I'd want Portland's #1 pick and a strong likelihood that it would be one or two, which would get us much closer to making a huge jump with the draft.

2. Trade Gasol to Boston for Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, and the #1 pick. This one is similar to the Portland trade, and I'd take it on draft day if Boston's pick is low enough. Jefferson, though not established, has demonstrated quality play. Ratliff is Boston's version of Magloire, and Durant and Oden in Memphis is more likely with Boston's pick. Neither player is enticing enough especially given the likelihood that Gasol will decrease Boston's chances of a top pick. If the pick is one or two, I'd even throw in Will Conroy.

3. Trade Gasol to Chicago for Ben Gordon, Deng, New York's Draft pick, and PJ Brown. I like this trade. Gordon and Deng have a huge upside. The Knicks' pick, while not as good as Boston's will still be a lottery pick in a deep draft. I'd do the trade without Brown and would consider it without Deng (and with Brown) though I'd prefer to add a Grizzly and get both.

I've heard Warrick rumored as that additional player, but I'd hesitate to give him up. Instead, I'd give up a veteran like Stoudemire, who'd be nice backing up Hinrich in the playoffs. Acquiring Gordon makes Miller expendable. Perhaps he could be included in a three-team deal.

4. Gasol remains a Grizzly. None of these trades ensures that the Grizzlies get a superstar/franchise player in return, and I'm hesitant to give up one superstar for many less-talented players. However, as long as these deals include draft lottery picks, they give the Grizzlies an opportunity to take further advantage of this year's draft. Also, I like the financial flexibility the Grizzlies get, and I think they have solid young players in Gay and Warrick who could develop into stars.

That said, I'm happy to keep Gasol. His play, particularly his rebounding, has been inspired since these rumors surfaced. He's a star, and past experience suggests that it's difficult to get the better end (for the short term) of a trade when sending a star packing. Trading Gasol will most definitely mean no playoffs next year (with or without Durant and Oden) whereas keeping Gasol (and acquiring a player like Durant or Oden) could mean the Grizzlies' absence from the playoffs only lasts one season.

Trading Charles Barkley made the 76ers bad enough to get Allen Iverson, but they had to endure Shawn Bradley first.

I'm comfortable with the trades above with low draft picks because they give us the opportunity to get Bradley and Iverson in this years draft, but I'm also happy West has not been quick to act. I trust he'll ensure that even if we're on the wrong side of an Allstar trade, we'll still give ourselves a jump start on rebuilding.


Anonymous said...

I find the portland idea to be the best. Even though after last nights performance from Gasol, any action would be applauded. The fans at the fedex forum were booing Gasol from the stands for his poor playing. Missing shot after shot, Pau with his poor hustle down the court and lack of defense had some fans chanting " Take Pau OUT!!" I think some people actually cheered when they finally removed him ... 4th quarter 1:25 left in the game. Still his 13 rebounds showed as a highlight of the game, leaving the teams decision to bench up in the air for next game.

Curt said...

I also have several THOUGHS on Gasol.

Justin said...

Dude whats up i finally signed onto this thing and am ready to cleanse this blog with my fire of brilliance.
Perhaps this Will Conroy signing is a sign of things to come? maybe we are thinking of getting rid of some pricey long contract guys (read stoudemire). Despite this, Conroy seems intriguing. He is the Washington Huskies all time assist leader as well as the NBDL's steve nash. That might not be saying much when he's playing for a team that former (and beloved) grizz Cezary Trybanksy gets 20 min a night for. ( Regardless, I think this is a sign that West is determined to make the grizz a fast break team. (we'll see if Conroy gets past his 10 days)