Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gasol Responds

Gasol responded to criticism from the media that he requested the Grizzlies trade him.

He criticised 'writers and journalists' for questioning his professionalism and desire to win.

I can't speak for other's, but I'll clarify my point.

I don't question Gasol's desire to win or the fact that he plays hard every night and works to improve his game. In addition, I don't blame him for playing for Spain, breaking his foot, or the Grizzlies' record.

I'm disappointed in his reaction to the Grizzlies' situation. There are many responses he could've had to this frustrating season. He could have demanded Jerry West improve the team through trade. He could have challenged Heisley's strategy of 'wait and see' during the Brian Davis fiasco. He could have challenged or worked to motivate his teammates to play more defense.

He could demonstrate a concerted effort to improve his own game. (Everyone can always work harder.)

Gasol's response was to demand a trade 20 games after returning from injury without trying any of these strategies.

He claims he's loyal to the team and loyal to Memphis, and I respect Gasol for playing hard even though he'd rather be elsewhere. But his actions, his request for a trade, don't demonstrate loyalty.

I'm sure he's grateful for what Memphis and the Grizzlies have done for him.

Gasol should demonstrate what he can do for the Grizzlies. Isn't he the franchise player?


John said...

Nice article, not quite as good as Calkins at the Appeal, but he ewent to harvard and gets paid to write. I'm pretty much out of comments on the Gasol trade demand and am ready to see it play out (I'm like you in that I don't think anythign will happen until the offseason if ever). But on a happier note, I do get to see the Hornets back in the hive tonight against Luke "All-Star Calliber" Walton and the rest of his cronies (sp?). With any luck we will only lose by 15 or so and no one else will get injured. Also just so you know I will be wearing a Barcelona Gasol Jersey to show my support for out franchise player.

David Jones said...

I liked the Calkins article as well. He continues to impress. I didn't realize he went to Harvard, but I do know that he plays tuba.

Enjoy the game. I'm glad you'll be representing Gasol.

The Hornets had so much potential. Too bad they lost Chris Anderson and were plagued with injuries.

Then again, I thought the Grizz would have been better too, even with Gasol injured...

Jouissance said...

Well playing the tuba is far more noteworthy than going to Harvard anyway.

Brian said...

Yea, I think Calkins is a great writer. And by the way, for those of you who don't know, Calkins didn't just go to Harvard. He graduated from Harvard Law School, got a job at one of the top law firms in New York city, decided he was unhappy making six figures a year, and came to Memphis to pursue his dream of being a moderately-famous local sports writer for the Commercial Appeal.

Wow, now that I think about it...

With that resume, it's hard to believe Mr. Calkins hasn't requested a trade.

John said...

I want to apologize, but we beat the Kings not the Lakers. My tickets were out of order. Also pretty good halftime show. If you have some itme I would invest it looking at

pauista said...

i still think he has fight for this team during 6 years and that's is time enough to prove his profesionalism and desire to improve. this season has been frustrating mostly becouse of his injury and postinjury time, during which the team record was even worst than now. in this 6 years the franchise has been unable to hire players to surround pau and make a competitive team.