Sunday, January 21, 2007

Grizzlies Embarass Themselves in LA

The Grizzlies embarrassed themselves against the Clippers on Saturday. Their defense was non-existent.

Gasol doesn't play help defense and he doesn't rebound. His rebounds are misses that go directly to him; he doesn't go after the ball the way great rebounders do.

Still, he continues to impress on offense, and the Grizzlies would've been in the game if anyone besides him and Rudy Gay could have contributed.

Speaking of Gay, he looked impressive. He should take the ball to the hoop every time. There's no need for him to settle for his streaky outside shot. I was able to attend the Cavs-Warriors Overtime game, and Lebron's ease of navigating through traffic to the basket brought to mind what Gay's value to the Grizzlies should be. Gay has certainly demonstrated the athleticism.

Gay is not Lebron James, but he can definitely contribute to the Grizzlies something they lack, and James provides: an athletic small forward that can get to the hole.

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