Monday, May 21, 2007

Adding a Superstar: Part Three: Lebron James

The Grizzlies were one pick away from Lebron James. Had they won that lottery, they wouldn't have forfeited their pick to Detroit (which turned into Darko). They'd also be competing against the Jazz in the second round.

James brings help to all the areas where the Grizzlies need it the most, mostly because he does everything. He's a play-maker from the forward position, which makes up for Stoudemire's and Atkins' deficiencies. He's also be the Grizzlies' second best rebounder behind Gasol. He can shut down the best of scorers in the league, and he can score at will.

The Grizzlies' without James are better than the Cavs without James. Larry Hughes is a solid player, but not as good as Gasol. Z and Gooden aren't much better, if at all, than Mike Miller and Rudy Gay. Plus, the Grizzlies are much deeper.

In the East, the Grizzlies would be second only to Detroit. In the West, they'd be able to compete with Dallas, Phoenix, and the Spurs. Whether they beat those teams would depend on how dominant James was. He sometimes disappears from games when he should be willing his teams to victory the way Steve Nash and Baron Davis do. He has the skill to beat anyone in the league, so with James, the Grizzlies would be just outside of the league's best teams.

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