Friday, May 18, 2007

Adding a Superstar, Part Two Steve Nash

Steve Nash is the best point guard and the best play-maker in the league, and the Grizzlies are in bad need of a dominant point guard and play-maker. Not only would Nash make every Grizzly a better player, but he'd be an unstoppable threat in the paint and from the three point line.

Nash's play making ability would transform the Grizzlies' fast break experiment into a lethal offense. Imagine alley-oops to Rudy Gay and Hakim Warrick, drive and dishes to Mike Miller for three, and low post feeds to a seven foot Spaniard who can finish with both hands.

There are two problems with adding Nash. First, he doesn't help the Grizzlies' interior defense or rebounding.

Second, the Grizzlies minus Nash aren't as good as the Suns minus Nash. Even during the season before Nash arrived, the Suns finished with a better record (29 wins) than this year's Grizzlies (22 wins). Nash would instantly put the Grizzlies back into the playoffs, and they'd certainly break their playoff losing streak, but they'd still lose to this year's Suns, so they wouldn't win the championship.

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