Monday, May 21, 2007

Tomorrow Night & An Explanation

In honor of the biggest day in the history of the Grizzlies, davidlovesthegrizzlies will be taking a break from the 'Adding a Superstar' posts.

However, I understand from the feedback of some faithful readers that there is confusion and frustration over this series. I just wanted to clear up the point of the series.

The purpose of these articles is to consider what superstars would have the biggest impact on the Grizzlies, not consider the following:

  1. which players the Grizzlies should pursue
  2. which players the Grizzlies have a (any) chance of acquiring
  3. the top 5 players in the league
I realize that speculation with no basis in reality represents all the worst of fan blogs. However, perhaps by considering the impact that some of the league's best would have on the Grizzlies, we can learn what to look for in the players that the Grizzlies should and can acquire.

Even if there's no chance that Lebron will ever suit up as a Grizzly, knowing that his play making ability benefits the Grizzlies more than Dwayne Wade's ability to get to the hoop tells us something about the types of players the Grizzlies should pursue.

Also, it may be some help for those of you with NBA Live 2007 Franchises.

So what current stars do you think would have the biggest impact on the Grizzlies? Click 'comment' below and add your votes.

Let's hope luck bounces the Grizzlies way Tuesday, and they're able to add a star that exhibits some of the qualities of the league's current best.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think the Green Goblin would help. He has a lot of experience throwing orange balls, and his flying surfboard would help him get up high near the net.

He is my #1 pick for who should join the Grizzlies!