Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Grizzlies Should Keep These Players

In addition to drafting a new player who can contribute next season, the Grizzlies have some work to do on their current roster. Here are the players they should keep:

Pau Gasol

Ok, if the right deal comes along maybe he should go. I think the Grizzlies aren't likely to get fair value for Gasol. They're likely to get a collection of young guys who have potential, but that's moving in the wrong direction. The Grizzlies need to start turning their collection of good players into fewer, better players... That said, Gasol has some areas to work on. Hopefully Coach Iavaroni will help with that.

Kyle Lowry

Lowry gave us glimpses of his ability before he went down at the beginning of the season. It looks like he's going to be a good point guard with the potential to be great. Since he's on his rookie contract, the Grizzlies should keep him and see if he's as good as they hope he is. I'd hate to see him go, only to become the star point guard we need.

Rudy Gay

The next two seasons are critical for Gay. The amount of effort Gay puts into developing his game during the offseason will determine whether he's an All Star or another uber-athletic wing man. The Grizzlies should hang on to him. They can't afford to find out Gay is the second coming of Tracy McGrady after anther botched trade.

Tarence Kinsey

Kinsey reminds me a little of Cuttino Mobley: a little undersized, but talented enough to pull it off. He seems like he's good enough to fill in the blanks, and may turn out to be better than that for some seasons down the road.

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