Thursday, June 21, 2007

These Players Could Stay or Go for the Grizzlies

Don't forget to vote for your #4 pick in next Thursday's Draft! Horford is winning by one vote.

Stromile Swift

For all his faults, Swift can be a decent back-up big man. The Grizz should shop him, but keeping Swift wouldn't be the end of the world. Solid big men are difficult to find, and Swift can still provide shot-blocking, rebounding, and scoring off the bench. His contract isn't a bargain, but it doesn't break the bank either. (2 more years, ~$6 million)

Mike Miller

Miller's trade value is high. Because of his offensive ability, he could be a solid piece on a winning team. Because of his defensive weaknesses, he's not fit to be the second best player on a team. He's still young, and can help the Grizzlies win games. However, if the Grizzlies can get a young player who can develop into a leader of the team, Miller could be a valuable trade asset.

Hakim Warrick

Warrick had a great year. He demonstrated that he's willing to work in the offseason to improve his game, and he can be a solid contributor in a starting role on a good team. However, he's also a player without a position. He's not strong enough to play the 4 and too slow to play the 3. If the Grizzlies can get someone who better fits their need - at point guard and in the paint, they shouldn't be afraid to part with Warrick.

Lawrence Roberts & Alexander Johnson

Roberts and Johnson are solid contributors, but at this point, they haven't demonstrated that they'll be any more than a slightly different version of Swift. If either or both can sweeten a deal, than the Grizzlies shouldn't be afraid to part with them. If they're still in Grizzlies uniforms next year, they'll be able to provide solid minutes off the (end of the) bench.

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