Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Less Than 24 Hours To Go

Tomorrow the Grizzlies will select the fourth player in the NBA draft...or trade the fourth pick for other players or draft picks.

A poll of readers at demonstrated what other news sources have reported: the Grizzlies could choose any one of about half a dozen players.

Horford, if available seems like an obvious choice, and he won the poll by one vote. However, Horford might be taken with the third pick, and even if he's available, there's no guarantee that the Grizzlies will take him.

Conley Jr., second in the poll, is also a likely pick for the Grizzlies, who are in need of a point guard.

Unless there's a trade, Yi Jianlian, who tied Conley Jr. for second is almost certain to be available after the Grizzlies pick. The Grizzlies didn't attend Jianlian's workout in Los Angeles, and he could return to China if drafted by a team for which he didn't want to play.

Brandon Wright who came in fourth with 2 votes seems less likely for the Grizzlies, given that he may be a few years away from making strong contributions.

Jeremy Hunt and Marc Gasol are each received a vote, but Gasol will be lucky to make it into the first round, and Hunt will be lucky to get drafted.

A player, who received no votes, Joakim Noah, seems like the most likely choice at this point. Reports are that West is high on Noah, and he addresses the Grizzlies' need for a rebounder next to Gasol. Noah's has been questioned for his lack of offensive weapons, and many don't see a huge upside - will he be more than a role player?

Still, maybe even Grizzlies management don't know who they'll draft. Everyone predicted West would pick Mickael Pietrus during the 2003 draft, and Pietrus was eventually drafted by Golden State.

In less than 24 hours, we'll know...


John said...

Have you seen the mock draft that averaged something like 16 mock drafts together to make the choices? They have the Hornets taking Acie Law? Stupid. If i were a betting man (and I am) I would put money on Conley Jr. wearing a grizz jersey before the day is done. At best we are looking into free agency for a big man. I don't see us picking up another pick. Maybe if somebody like Sean Williams or Glenn Davis falls later in the first and we can get them relatively cheaply (i.e. for jones or something) I could see it.

David Jones said...

I think you may be right about Conley. I heard a rumor about getting Nene. So far that's the only big man I've heard us going after.

John said...

Whats the chacne we stick our nose in this KG trade as the third partner? It seems if Atlanta and Charlotte are in the mix we could be too. Amare for the fourth pick and an expiring contract? We have some of those don't we?

David Jones said...

0% chance.

sam said...

Good pick ... I'm so glad it wasn't Noah

David Jones said...

Me too. Seems like both the best player available and fits our needs.

I also like that he's only a freshman.