Thursday, June 05, 2008

3 Shade of Verno

My fellow Grizzlies' masochists (Verno, 3shadesofblue) have been up in arms over some comments from Grizz part time owner Michael Heisley about the Gasol trade (reported by Adrian Wojnarowski).

To summarize:

  • Wojnarowski interviewed Heisley about the Gasol trade.
  • Heisley admitted that the Grizz may have not received the best value for Gasol.
  • Wojnarowski and later GM Chris Wallace went on Verno's show, where Verno ripped Heisley for questioning Wallace's due diligence.
  • Heisley called 3shadesofblue, who then reported that Heisley has full faith in Wallace and does not question Wallace's work.
  • Verno accused 3shadesofblue of pandering to the owner.
  • 3shadesofblue defended their report of Heisley's defense.
One good thing has come out of this. It's a lot more entertaining than talking about which Drew Gooden and Javaris Crittenton caliber players the Grizzlies are going to draft at 5 and 28.

Recently deemed one of the 50 greatest Grizzlies blogs of all time, I think it's time for davidlovesthegrizzlies to throw it's opinion in the ring in the form of a bulleted list:
  • Based on my reading of what Heisley said, It doesn't seem like Heisley believes the Grizzlies made a mistake and that any mistake was Wallace's fault.
  • I think Heisley was admitting what is true of every trade: you never know if you could have gotten a better deal.
  • Heisley is pleased with the trade, and knew what he was getting himself into.
  • Both Heisley and Wallace are delusional to think this was a good trade.
  • They have large balls for pulling it off, and I hope to god that, despite themselves, they are able to turn this thing around.
In summary two points about my friends (friends in the 'I don't know them personally' sense):
  1. Verno: I don't think Heisley threw Wallace under a bus, though I'll grant he certainly left himself open to that interpretation out of context. (I thought he was working on his 'media relations'.)

    It seems to me that he's completely satisfied (insane) with the deal and Wallace's work, but that he admits you can never be certain, and he chose his words poorly.

  2. 3SOB: Heisley is not to be blamed for Jason Williams being a dipshit. He cannot control everything that happens. However, like any CEO, he is responsible for everything that happens, including whatever Williams did for example.

    It's Heisley's responsibility to make the Grizzlies a success through his own actions and by bringing in people to act for him, from management down to the players. Its his responsibility to ensure Williams is of good character, punish him when he's bad, or ensure he doesn't do something moronic (or have someone [ie a general manager] do it for him).

    Starting with the 2006 playoffs, by any measure, except those of public service, he is a failure.
Poor word choice is the least of Heisley's problems.

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