Friday, June 27, 2008

Guarded Optimisim

The Grizzlies acquired OJ Mayo last night. It's not the homerun that everyone was hoping for, but it's also not the usual crap we've come to expect. If the Grizzlies had stood pat with Love, I would have been disappointed (though I expect Love is solid).

I'm happy the Grizzlies made the deal. Mayo could turn out to be a star. The chances are great that he'll be better than Kevin Love. The question is whether he'll be better than Love and Miller. I'm not sad to see Miller go, but as with Gasol, Miller was a valuable trade asset.

Trading for Darrell Arthur seems like a no brainer. The 28th pick usually doesn't pan out, and selecting Arthur seems like a solid way to maximize the chances that the 28th pick will turn into value.

The Grizzlies have given me optimism from what promised to be an uninteresting night. Regardless of whether Mayo and Arthur turn into the players we hope, I think the Grizzlies did a solid job on draft night.


morlin said...

Does the Mayo acquisition mean frequent sitings of Lil' Romeo and Master P in Memphis?

Anonymous said...

Good analysis of the Grizzlies' draft activity. Thx.

John said...

i am sad we aren't in line for the Gay-Love era in Memphis.

Shan Foster said...

IIIIIIIIIIII can't waaaiiiit!!! To plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, intheNBA