Thursday, June 19, 2008

ByeBye La Bomba

I remember like it was yesterday when we met at $2.75 pint night at the Flying Saucer.

Next thing I know, I'm hearing Chris Vernon tell our General Manager he's signed a 5 year deal with F.C. Barcelona, which has produced such standouts as almost NBA champion Pau Gasol, almost NBA player Marc Gasol, and almost two year veteran Juan Carlos Navarro.

I'm not worried however, because I know the Grizzlies are going to extend a qualifying offer to JCN. That way, in five years, when La Bomba is 33 and through with his Spanish contract, we can sign him!

If you're interested in seeing Navarro's stats, you may want to visit this page. I'm not sure how much longer it will be available, but apparently, JCN's birthday was on June 13th. Five days later, he signed a $25 million contract. Happy Birthday La Bomba!

Next time we meet, it's your turn to buy the beer.


Tim said...

I'm going to comment on this, and give some brief thoughts on the draft.

I, for one, would not be so sad to see Navarro go had the Grizz not spent a draft pick for him to play one year. He was the worst defensive player in the history of the franchise (and that's saying a lot), and his intense apathy for wearing the uniform was overly palpable.

Anyway, I'm hoping for a Conley/No. 5 for Cook/No.2 deal on draft day. If Heisley (the actual GM of the team) could talk the Heat into that, he should win executive of the year. However, I think the Heat are just messing with everyone to build up Rose--giving Chicago more reason to take him so they can have Beasley. I mean--passing on Beasley is like passing on Carmelo Anthony--no one would do that right? ...

This would be the perfect place for Mike B. as Memphis cops tend to overlook certain things done by the rich and famous.

If they cannot broker a deal of that nature (most likely), I hope they swing for the fences with Eric Gordon or Danillo Gallinari at No. 5 rather than subject me to watching Kevin Love or Brook Lopez get dominated by guys like Chris Wilcox night in and night out for the next three years. By the way, when was the last time you saw a Pac-10 big man rise to prominence in the NBA? Bill Walton? How many have we seen writhe away in mediocrity? Channing Frye, Loren Woods, Dan Gazuric, the O'bannon brothers, Jarron Collins, my favorite--Curtis Borschardt, etc. It's not looking good for the Mr. Lopezes

As a side note, there's always one guy that has me thinking "if they draft this guy, I'm out...I'm not watching." This year, that guy is Anthony Randolph. He might be good one day, sure, but that's just slightly more likely than Robert Dozier becoming an all-star someday.

David Jones said...

I agree with you that a trade for Beasley seems unlikely. I'm done getting my hopes up for something like this when these rumors only pans out 1% of the time.

I think we'll end up with someone who may be a decent roll player but not a game changer.

In the interest of speculation, I prefer the Miller, #5 for Beasley et al trade. While Miller is better the Conley, Conley has more potential. I'd rather take a chance on Conley since Miller has reached his potential. Miller would be great on a good playoff team.