Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Grizzlies suck"

Last night, during the Celtics vs Grizzlies game, my buddy, Dave,  from the Boston area texted me: "Grizzlies suck".

I thought his analysis was spot on so I thought I would share it here. 

This is the life of a Grizzlies fan - friends constantly remind you how terrible your team is.

On an unrelated note, one reader, Curt asked for an analysis of the Marko Jaric sexual assault situation, in which the Philadelphia DA decided the was no merit to the case. 

My analysis is that there is no merit to giving Jaric playing time. I never thought we'd find a Serbian player in the NBA more overpaid and less talented than Darko Milicic, and then give him significant playing time. 

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John said...

hey we beat detroit! Thats a playoff caliber team, we are moving in the right direction! We haven't given up!