Thursday, March 05, 2009

Grizzlies Still in Business

Last week, I linked to Bill Simmons' recent article about the financial state of the NBA

Simmons claimed the Grizzlies were throwing dog feces at nonexistent fans and bleeding money. 

Both Chris Wallace and Michael Heisley have publicly responded to Simmons. 

Wallace indicated that the Grizzlies did not throw dog feces at anyone on Chris Vernon's radio show.

Michael Heisley confirmed that the Grizzlies are breaking even in an interview with the guys from 3ShadesofBlue.

It turns out that trading conditional 2nd round draft picks for cash is a profitable venture. Now, if only the team was better than dog feces.


John said...

its a three year plan david, be patient. we are onyl on year -4 of the three year plan.

David Jones said...

Good point. I'll wait.