Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who's your Haddadi?

I returned from Spain to see the Grizzlies defeat the Warriors in Oakland.

Little did I know, Hamed Haddadi would have his career best game. The highlight of the game was when I got Haddadi's attention as he exited the court after the game. I wanted to be sure that he knew the fans appreciated a job well done.

I also want to give a shout out to the other Grizz fan (there was only one other) wearing a Rudy Gay jersey who I met on BART. He represented White Station class of 1993. Go Spartans.

Did you know that the Grizzlies have only won 19 games this season?

Did you know that 4 of those game were against the Warriors?

Do you think that the work of Bay Area Grizzlies fan blog David Love the Grizzlies may be having an impact?

Something to think about...

Here I am dominating the Warriors:


John said...

Real men do not wear nice shirts under there jersey, what if you had to play? you would have to take of your jersey then take off your prissy shirt, then put back on your jersey. It's so stupid. Hey now that Cal is gone maybe fans will start coming to see the Grizz.

David Jones said...

John, you know I can still hit the three in my trademark grey fleece. That's why the call me 'The American La Bomba'.

It will take more than Cal leaving to get the fans coming.